benidorm scams
Benidorm Scams
Like most holiday destinations, Benidorm has its share of scam-artists.
And their favourite targets are British Tourists - One con man admitted to us...
"The British are the easiest targets because they are so polite and they don't like to offend us!"
And this is absolutely true - when it comes to dealing with expert con-men, we Brits are hopeless!
Even when we know that we are being had - we still find it hard to get mean and tell the con-men to shove off!
So our best tactic is to avoid the scam-artists and the con-men altogether.

These guides will help you to be forewarned!
Please read them - they could save you a LOT of money!
If you visit Benidorm you WILL encounter these scam-artists, and if you don't know how to react, you will be conned!

The most popular scams in Benidorm are:-

The Benidorm Camera Scam          The Currency Exchange Scam             Free Excursion Scams

Jet-Ski Scams                  The Shell Scam                Timeshare Scams           Fake Ticket Scams
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