Living In Benidorm
What if you fall in love with Benidorm and decide to move here permanently?
How easy is it to set up home in Benidorm? Is is the right thing for you to do?
Should you
register as a resident? Our guides will help you decide!
Buying a home in Benidorm.
your dream home can be tricky - unless you know what you are doing.
The buying process in Spain is very different to buying a home in Britain.
Read our guide to
buying a home in Benidorm

How does the health-care system work here?
Will you have to pay for treatment and medication?
What about dental care?
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Health-care for visitors     Health-care for residents

Driving in Spain
Driving in Spain means more than simply sticking to the "wrong side of the road".
What should you know about
Spanish driving law?
And what about
Spanish Rules of the Road?

How will your kids cope with Spanish schools?
Are there any English-Speaking schools here?
Is education here free - or will you have to pay?

Does moving to Benidorm mean saying goodbye to your beloved pets?
Or can you
bring your pets to Spain?