Benidorm for Singles
Golden Rule...
Shop around for the best deals. Don't rush in and book direct with your chosen hotel.
Benidorm hotels have set prices - and they very rarely offer decent discounts to individual tourists.
But the reputable agencies book in bulk -and can negotiate very large discounts.
Benidorm is Europe's original sun, sea and sex destination -
and it still rivals just about any place you could think of a fun singles holiday on a budget.
You can drink and party round the clock here - all day and all night! Benidorm Clubs are open from 7PM until 7AM.
And it won't cost a packet - because every hour is happy hour somewhere in Benidorm. Buy one get one free!
Food is cheap, drink is almost free, and accommodation is a real bargain.
Choose an apartment rather than a hotel, especially if you are in a group - apartments have more space, you can
sneak a bunch of friends in at no extra cost,
and your own cooking facilities.
Plus apartments work out a lot cheaper - prices are per-apartment rather than per-person.
Staying in an apartment doesn't have to mean self-catering - Benidorm is crammed with great places to eat.
And most apartment buildings have decent facilities - swimming pools, bars, etc. Spend you days on your balcony with
a beer - or by the pool - recovering from the night before and preparing for the night ahead!
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