Benidorm Jet-Ski Scams
The Jet-Ski Scam is not as popular in Benidorm as it is in some places - but you should know about it just in case...

It works like this...

You hire a jet-ski and go off for a wild old time on the Med.

And when you bring the jet-ski back...
The guy you hired it from will check it over and tell you that you have damaged it - and that you must pay for the repairs.

This will often be hundreds of pounds for damage that you didn't cause - or mechanical repairs that don't need doing.

The con-men who operate this scam are not worried about confrontation - and they usually have a few thugs to back
them up - so you can't just tell them to "Piss-off!" They will if necessary threaten or even use violence against you.
These guys are often part of organised gangs - and they can be very frightening when they turn nasty.

Plus they may already have your credit-card details!

The only way to avoid this scam is to be VERY CAREFUL to check the insurance arrangements when you hire a jet-ski.
NEVER take out a jet-ski without fully comprehensive insurance - and watch out for excesses and exclusions.
The best place to rent a jet-ski is through your hotel. Most Benidorm hotels can recommend a reputable hire company.

Don't take the company operative's word for anything! Get the details in writing.
And never take out a jet-ski that is already damaged.